Faculty Reflections and Stories:

Part of the InTeGrate University of Northern Colorado Program Model

Team reflection:

Value of Working Collaboratively

Working collaboratively helps us broaden our sphere of understanding of the needs of our students and of our institution. For example, engaging ourselves and our students in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural perspectives allows us to place environmental problems in a broader context and seek new solutions. Working together as a department also helps us build bridges with our university administration to recognize that we all aspire to the same vision.

Group Experience of Working with InTeGrate Materials

Developing and integrating a common set of expectations for our courses with InTeGrate-aligned materials provided a focus for discussion around teaching that faculty in our program have not had before. This common set of expectations has expanded organically to the rest of our curriculum.

Individual Faculty Reflections

William Hoyt, University of Northern Colorado
Geological and Biological Oceanography (OCN 302); Physical and Chemical Oceanography (OCN 301)

Cindy Shellito, University of Northern Colorado
General Meteorology, The Violent Atmosphere, Paleoclimatology.

Byron Straw, University of Northern Colorado
Scientific Writing (SCI-291)