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Geoengineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

David B. Resnik, Daniel A. Vallero
This commentary discusses the ethical and technical aspects of geoengineering in the context of engaging in geoengineering to mitigate global warming.
Subject: Physics:Other Sciences:Engineering, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate

Expanding boundaries of exploration

The appetite for mining beyond the confines of the land does not end with the deep ocean: celestial bodies, too, have stirred commercial interest. The prospect of mining the ocean floors and bodies ...
Subject: Environmental Science:Sustainability, Policy:Environmental Decision-Making, Environmental Ethics/Values, Geography:Human/Cultural, Environmental Science:Mineral Resources:Mining, Environmental Science, Geoscience, Geology:Environmental Geology

IAPG website: an international and multidisciplinary platform for widening the debate on Ethics in Geosciences

The IAPG website is an useful tool in orienting people on topics in Geoethics. Users can find definitions, information, news, products and activities on Geoethics. Scientific articles, videos, events ...
Subject: Environmental Science, Geoscience

Geoethics training in the Earth and environmental sciences
David W. Mogk, Monica Z. Bruckner
Ethical dilemmas are regularly encountered by Earth and environmental scientists. Explicit training is required to allow the community to recognize such dilemmas, and to prevent and mitigate ethical ...

Subject: Geoscience, Environmental Science:Policy:Environmental Ethics/Values

Geoethics, Ethical Challenges and Case Studies in Earth Sciences
Wyss M., Peppoloni S. (Eds.)
This 450-page book explores ethics in geoscience. It focuses on professional ethics and includes a discussion on improving communication between scientists and the public. The book was written by a ...

Subject: Geography:Human/Cultural, Environmental Science:Policy:Environmental Ethics/Values

Engineering Geology for Society and Territory
G. Lollino, M. Arattano, M. Giardino, R. Oliveira, S. Peppoloni
This 274-page book focuses on education and the professional ethics that are dealt with by scientists, regulators, and practitioners of engineering geology related to the purposes, methods, ...

Subject: Environmental Science:Policy:Environmental Ethics/Values