IAPG website: an international and multidisciplinary platform for widening the debate on Ethics in Geosciences

International Association for Promoting Geoethics

The IAPG website is an useful tool in orienting people on topics in Geoethics. Users can find definitions, information, news, products and activities on Geoethics. Scientific articles, videos, events and links to social networks are also available.

The IAPG Blog is a source where scientists from all over the world can post their articles, suggest discussions on Geoethical issues, promote initiatives and activities.

Finally, a big community of discussion on Geoethics is also active on the IAPG Linkedin Group. The main treated issues regard global problems, like climate change, sustainability, natural hazards, geo-resources exploitation. All these issues are analyzed from an ethical perspective, considering also their social and cultural implications.

Since many users are young people, IAPG social networks can represent a tool to steer students into the university choice, in order to include geosciences and geoethics in their curricula.

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