IDOR Project: Seismology Media

Seismology Fieldwork - 7:13

Christian Stanciu (University of Florida), Megan Torpey (University of Florida), and research scientist Victor Mocanu (University of Bucharest) dismantle and remove an IDOR seismic station while describing the equipment used to collect data during the project and reflecting on their work.


Meet a Seismologist: Megan Torpey - 1:18

Megan (geophysics student, University of Florida) comments on being a member of the IDOR array team that setup and demobilized 85 seismic stations and her appreciation of Earth science as a career choice.


Meet a Geophysicist: Kathy Davenport - 3:28

Kathy (geophysics graduate student, Virginia Tech) talks about her involvement with the IDOR Project and explains why she likes her work. Kathy was part of the Virginia Tech team supervised by John Hole, one of the IDOR Principal Investigators (NSF EAR 0844264).