Danielle Sumy and Harmony Colella

Slow Slip Event Research: Harmony Colella - 3:40

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Harmony Colella (Arizona State University) discusses her approach to studying subduction zone processes, especially slow slip events that many scientists believe may trigger large earthquakes.


Meet a Geophysicist: Harmony Colella - 2:38

Harmony talks about how experiencing an earthquake as a child in Southern California inspired her to become a geophysicist.


Marine Geology Research: Danielle Sumy - 2:22

Geophysicist Danielle Sumy discusses her research on mid-ocean ridges and on tremors created by small earthquake events.


Meet a Geophysicist: Danielle Sumy - 2:53

When she was very young, Danielle's experience on the Earthquake ride at Universal Studios launched her quest to understand how earthquakes happen. Here she describes how this encounter and her early love of science motivated her to become a geophysicist.


The Great California ShakeOut Day - 2:51

A yearly drill-and-practice event called The Great Southern California ShakeOut was developed to help educate the general public and first responders about earthquake preparedness in Southern California. The San Bernardino County Museum of Natural History is one of the participating sites. While visiting the museum on ShakeOut day, geophysicists Danielle Sumy and Harmony Colella describe event activities, talk about the museum's new geology exhibits, and point out its close proximity to the San Andreas fault.


The ShakeOut Scenario - 3:00

As part of the ShakeOut exercise, researchers created an animation called The Great ShakeOut Scenario to help visualize a potential 7.8 earthquake as it moves along the Southern California San Andreas Fault from the epicenter near the Salton Sea north through Los Angeles and beyond. As the earthquake scenario unfolds, geophysicists Danielle Sumy and Harmony Colella explain the ramifications of such a large event on the Los Angeles basin area.

For more information about the Southern California Earthquake Scenario visit shakeout.org