IDOR Project: Geology Media

Meet IDOR Geology Team Members - 1:33

Ad Byerly (graduate student, University of Wisconsin) and Mike Kedenberg (student, SUNY-Geneseo) talk about their personal interest in geology and their fieldwork experiences in Idaho.


IDOR Geology in the Field - 5:14

Ad Byerly explains the project's geologic fieldwork while he and Mike Kedenberg collect rock samples of Idaho Batholith granite to bring back to the lab for analysis.


IDOR Geology in the Lab - 3:26

Rock samples gathered in Idaho and Oregon were brought to the geology lab at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In this video, Ad Byerly explains some of the lab techniques he uses to identify the mineral alignment within each sample. This data is used to help researchers understand how various forces deformed the rocks at specific times and locations.