Initial Publication Date: November 25, 2013

About EarthScope Chronicles

An NSF Funded Collaborative Research Project

TERC, in collaboration with McLean Media, is developing multimedia-rich teaching modules that highlight the work and personal stories of EarthScope scientists and engage students in grades 7-12 in data-based investigations connected to the scientists' research.

The EarthScope Chronicles modules include compelling videos that feature interviews with scientists and footage of them conducting EarthScope research. The investigations incorporate EarthScope visualizations, data, data products, and geospatial technology to connect STEM classroom content to current real-world scientific research.

TERC Logo NSF Award EAR-1252014
Principal Investigators
Carla McAuliffe, Ph.D.,
Erin Bardar, Ph.D.,

McLean Media Logo
NSF Award EAR-1252031
Principal Investigators
Lois McLean, Ed.D.,
Rick Tessman,

To increase EarthScope's visibility within the educational community and the public at large, individual media resources from the modules, such as video clips, image sets, and e-books are distributed through online digital libraries and social media sites such as TeacherTube, YouTube, Vimeo, and STEM Stories.

EarthScope Chronicles modules raise awareness of EarthScope research initiatives and resulting scientific discoveries, support the use of EarthScope visualizations, data, and data products in middle- and high-school classrooms, and provide engaging multimedia resources and a replicable model for connecting STEM classroom curriculum to current real-world research.