8:30 Icebreaker, Introductions, and Story Shorts

9:00 Activity 1: What is a climate model?

9:45 Break

10:00 Activity 3: What factors explain the change in global average temperature?

10:30 Activity 4: How are models used to predict future conditions?

11:00 Investigating Side Quests and Assessments

11:15 Road Check

11:30 Adjourn for the day


8:30 Icebreaker and Place-based Learning

9:00 Activity 1: What patterns in extreme weather do we see in the United States?

9:30 Activity 2: How does a warming planet affect extreme weather events?

10:00 Break

10:15 Activity 3: How do we know if a specific weather event is normal for a region or is caused by climate change?

10:35 Activity 4: How does climate change affect where we live?

11:15 Workshop evaluation

11:30 Adjourn