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8:00P/9:00M/10:00C/11:00E Getting Started - introductions, examples, rationale

8:30P/9:30M/10:30C/11:30E Presentation: Spatial reasoning in the geosciences

9:00P/10:00M/11:00C/12:00E Working groups: What conceptual barriers have you discovered?

9:30P/10:30M/11:30C/12:30E Gallery Walk: See what your colleagues are thinking about

9:45P/10:45M/11:45C/12:45E Break

10:00P/11:00M/12:00C/1:00E Report out

10:15P/11:15M/12:15C/1:15E Presentation: Pedagogical tools for building spatial reasoning skills

10:45P/11:45M/12:45C/1:45E Summary & road check

11:00P/12:00M/1:00C/2:00E Adjourn for the day


8:00P/9:00M/10:00C/11:00E Overview & summary of road check

8:15P/9:15M/10:15C/11:15E Presentation: Building formative assessment questions to promote visual spatial reasoning

8:45P/9:45M/10:45C/11:45E Working groups: Development of new activities

9:45P/10:45M/11:45C/12:45E Break

10:00P/11:00M/12:00C/1:00E Gallery Walk: See what your colleagues developed and provide feedback

10:20P/11:20M/12:20C/1:20E Draft activity submission

10:45P/11:45M/12:45C/1:45E Workshop evaluation

11:00P/12:00M/1:00C/2:00E Adjourn