8:00 Introduction to Workshop and Participants

8:30 Discussion of Field-Based Learning Objectives

How these are or are not addressed in a virtual environment – limitations and potentialities

9:30 Break

9:45 Overview of each platform, including example virtual field experiences

10:30 Participants discuss and decide on a platform and field experience theme

10:45 Complete day 1 surveys. Information provided by the participants will be used to create working groups.

11:00 Adjourn for the day

Homework:  Gather data for virtual field work and install appropriate software. 


8:00 Day 1 Recap and Introduction of working groups

8:30 Develop project descriptions and specific learning objectives for the virtual field work within each working group.

9:15 Break

9:30 Discussion of intended learning objectives and Potential Assessments

10:00  Finalize project learning outcomes and begin creating field work modules/activities.

10:50 Road Check

11:00 Adjourn for the day

Homework:  Work on field trip as needed (~1 hour). 


8:00 Day 2 Recap and Discussion of Assessment Methods

8:45  Mentored Group Work on Projects

Break as Needed

10:30 Wrap Up & Post-Workshop Tasks

10:50 Workshop Evaluation

11:00 Adjourn