Program: Teaching & Learning about Feedback Loops

Participant Workspace


Note: The workshop runs for 3 hours: 8-11 PDT, 9-noon MDT, 10am - 1pm CDT, and 11am - 2pm EDT. In the schedule below, the times are indicated as minutes:hours from the beginning of the workshop, so as to be equally readable from any timezone.

0:00 Introductions and overview of workshop

0:15  Presentation: Getting on the same page:  What are feedback loops?  Why are feedback loops important?   Positive/reinforcing versus Negative/balancing. Desirable versus Undesirable.

0:30   Small group icebreaker:  How do we each use, or desire to use, feedback loops in our teaching?

0:45   Introduction to Strategy #1:  Kinesthetic learning "Living Loops"

1:00  Small groups:  Try a Strategy #1  "Living Loops" activity and reflect

1:15  Break

1:25   Share some insights about Strategy #1;  Introduction to Strategy #2:  Mutual alignment analogy

1:45    Small groups:  Try Strategy #2 Mutual Alignment Analogy activity and reflect

2:00  Share some insights from Strategy #2;  Introduction to Strategy #3: Causal loop diagrams

2:25   Small groups:  Try a Strategy #3 Causal loop diagram activity and reflect

2:40   Share some insights from Strategy #3; First pass at coalescing topics/groups for Friday's work session

3:00  Adjourn for the day


0:00 PT   Key lessons learned from yesterday and from Road Check

0:15 PT   Complete process of coalescing work groups for today

0:30 PT   Psychology of Feedback Loops:  Presentation and Discussion

1:00 PT  First work session to design a learning activity about feedback loops

  • small groups coalesced around common audience or strategy
  • use a web page laid out like a  SERC Activity Form to record your work
  • First session goals: first pass at  Title, Context, Goals

1:40 PT   Optional return to main room to discuss problems or questions

1:50 PT   Second work session on your learning activity

  • Second session goals:  first pass at Description, early thought about Assessment
  • make plan to continue work post-workshop (or not)

2:30 PT   Closing discussion:  what will you carry away from this workshop?

2:45 PT    Workshop evaluation

3:00 PT   Adjourn for the day