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Pre-workshop homework

  • By Tuesday, July 7, fill out this short survey that will help us create working groups around disciplinary areas. Note that you will also upload a syllabus of the course you plan to work on during the workshop - don't worry, it does not need to be complete.
  • By the beginning of the workshop on July 13, watch the NAGT webinar (Suddenly) Teaching Geoscience Online and explore the resources on that page (if you haven't already done so)

Monday - Course context and setting goals

8:00PT/9:00MT/10:00CT/11:00ET: Introductions and plan for the day

8:20PT/9:20MT/10:20CT/11:20ET: Considerations for online teaching(whole group)

8:50PT/9:50MT/10:50CT/11:50ET: Break-out groups: "What do I want my students to be able to do when they are done with my course regardless of whether it is taught in person or online?" (take a break as needed)

Disciplinary groups:

  • Atmospheric Science: Mirjam Glessmer, Cody Kirkpatrick, Karen Shell, Cindy Shellito (facilitator)
  • Career preparation/capstone: Elizabeth Balgord, Steve Semken, Stephanie Shepherd (facilitator), Carolyn Tewksbury-Christle
  • Climate and climate change: Mea Cook, Allen Gontz, Kira Harris, Shahram Mostarshed, Stacy Porter, Michael Wysession (facilitator)
  • Earth materials: Caitlin Callahan, Brendan Hanger, Katie Maneiro, Elise McCutchan, Heather Petcovic (facilitator), Meagan Pollock, Joe Reese, Genevieve Robert, Mark Schmitz
  • Environmental geology: Michelle Casey (facilitator), Mindy Kimball, Laurie Parendes, Kristin Sample-Lord, Avery Shinneman
  • Environmental science: Denise Bacci, Susan Kelly, Jillian Maloney (facilitator), Katalina Salas
  • Geophysics: Charly Bank, Leah Courtland (facilitator), Michael Hubenthal, Nancy McKeown
  • Hydrology: Stephanie DeVries, Estifanos Haile, Joel Moore, Laura Rosales (facilitator)
  • Introductory courses: ---
  • Mineralogy: Laurel Goodell (facilitator), Erik Haroldson, Lindsay McHenry, Ellen Metzger, Kendra Murray
  • Oceanography: Clint Cowan, Lisa Doner (facilitator), Jacob Grosskopf, Shelley Judge, Claire McKinley, Astrid Schnetzer
  • Plate tectonics: Marianne Karplus, Michelle Markley, Sarah Titus (facilitator)
  • Sedimentology/stratigraphy: Alayde Barbosa, Barb Echohawk, Ashley Manning-Berg, Nick Pollock, Brian Romans (facilitator), Sarah Sheffield, Rene Shroat-Lewis
  • Structural Geology: Daniel Lao-Davila, Rory McFadden (facilitator), Emily Peterman, Linda Reinen, Barbara Tewksbury

10:30PT/11:30MT/12:30CT/1:30ET: Whole group: Review slides from disciplinary groups and comment on the google slides (or leave notes in the speaker notes)

10:50PT/11:50MT/12:50CT/1:50ET: Road Check

11:00PT/12:00MT/1:00CT/2:00ET: Adjourn for the day

  • Homework - continue refining course goals and comment on google slides from today's discussion (if you didn't get through all of them). See Participant workspace for links to Slides.
  • If your group wants to keep working together, please do!
  • Added: Sign up for TWO new breakout groups for tomorrow's second discussion (See Participant workspace for links).

Tuesday - Assessment and Teaching Tools

8:00PT/9:00MT/10:00CT/11:00ET: Whole group overview and plan for the day. (See also Participant workspace for links to all relevant items.

  • Roadcheck summary
  • Brief discussion of course goals
  • Introduction to assessment and online teaching tools

8:30PT/9:30MT/10:30CT/11:30ET: Breakout groups: How will we assess whether students achieved the course goals?

  • What are the variety of ways that you've assessed students' achievement of learning goals, whether or not they are online?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities with these assessments in an online setting?
  • Choose a few common assessments that you can work on together to strengthen for use in an online setting.
  • Make one slide to share with the other groups summarizing your group work.

9:30PT/10:30MT/11:30CT/12:30ET: Whole group report out

9:40PT/10:40MT/11:40CT/12:40ET: Break

9:50PT/10:50MT/11:50CT/12:50ET: Two rounds of breakout groups: Tools to facilitate assessment and giving feedback

Each breakout group make a slide with key ideas and strategies

10:50PT/11:50MT/12:50CT/1:50ET: Road Check

11:00PT/12:00MT/1:00CT/2:00ET: Adjourn for the day

  • Homework -
    • Look at the slides from the breakout groups about tools to facilitate assessment and feedback
    • Prepare to share an activity that you already use: put any links and/or slides in your disciplinary group's Google folder so they are ready to go for the Wednesday discussion

Wednesday - Finding Activities and Developing a Course Plan

8:00PT/9:00MT/10:00CT/11:00ET: Whole group overview and plan for the day

8:30PT/9:30MT/10:30CT/11:30ET: Breakout groups: Finding appropriate activities to achieve course goals

  • Share resources that might be useful for teaching online - are there tools, websites, etc. outside of Teach the Earth that might be particularly useful for the courses your breakout group is designing?
  • Are there online activities or resources that exist in Teach the Earth (or elsewhere) that are designed or can be modified for the online environment?
  • Do you have activities that worked particularly well for teaching online and are willing to share? Do you want feedback on an activity you've used?

9:20PT/10:20MT/11:20CT/12:20ET Lightning round of report out: One exciting thing your group is talking about (no slides)

9:30PT/10:30MT/11:30CT/12:30ET 10 minute break

9:40PT/10:40MT/11:40CT/12:40ET Back to breakout groups to finish discussion around questions above and reflection

  • Reflect on the work we've done the past three days:
    • How do you feel now compared to Monday morning?
    • Have your biggest concerns lessened?
    • Do you have a plan for next steps for you?
  • Make a slide with your reflection

10:20PT/11:20MT/12:20CT/1:20ET: Whole group report out and summary

10:50PT/11:50MT/12:50CT/1:50ET: Evaluation

11:00PT/12:00MT/1:00CT/2:00ET: Adjourn for the day