EarthConnections Alliance Open Meeting

Wednesday 7:00pm-8:30pm Ritchie Hall: 366


Donna Charlevoix, EarthScope Consortium
Cathy Manduca, Carleton College
The EarthConnections Alliance seeks to catalyze a new approach to geoscience education in communities across our country, creating a world in which all students can travel along geo-educational pathways that begin in their early education and continue through college and end in meaningful careers while linking geoscience learning with opportunities to serve their local community. Much work is currently taking place in individual communities and projects to move toward this vision. Participants in this open meeting will discuss how they can work together to support and expand this work. We invite participation by those who have already begun to link geoscience learning to community service at any level, as well as those who are just developing interest.

View the EarthConnections brochure (Acrobat (PDF) 2.1MB Dec6 18)

Introductory Presentation (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 26.9MB Jul18 18)


Foci for CoP events

  • Strengthening Intro (in high school and college)
  • What are models/available programs for after school activities that engage/introduce geo?
  • Models for and building capacity for citizen science activities connecting community and students
  • An inventory of activities and opportunities by region/geography
  • developing locally relevant story lines taught through authentic aligned with NGSS for implementation in formal K-12

Other thoughts

  • importance of professional societies
  • AAPG and SEG and AIPG - connections to workforce
  • asset inventory

Regional Workshops

  • catalyzing a pathway from the things that are going on

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