Monday 2:15pm Northrop Hall: 340


Cathy Manduca, Carleton College
Donna Charlevoix, EarthScope Consortium
Barbara Nagle, University of California-Berkeley
John Taber, EarthScope Consortium
Felicia Davis, HBCU Green Fund Inc.
Sally McGill, California State University-San Bernardino
Mark Benthien, University of Southern California
Kathy Ellins, The University of Texas at Austin
Norma Neely, The University of Texas at Austin
Garry Harris, ECO District Hampton Roads
To develop a diverse geoscience workforce, the EarthConnections collective impact alliance is developing regionally focused, Earth education pathways. These pathways support and guide students from engagement in relevant, Earth-related science at an early age through the many steps and transitions to geoscience-related careers. Rooted in existing regional activities, pathways are developed using a process that engages regional stakeholders and community members with EarthConnections partners. Together they connect, sequence, and create multiple learning opportunities that link geoscience education and community service to address one or more local geoscience issues. By intertwining Earth education with local community service we aspire to increase the resilience of communities in the face of environmental hazards and limited Earth resources.

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