SAGE 2YC: Two-Year College Geoscience Faculty as Change Agents

Thursday 4:30pm-5:30pm Red Gym
Poster Session


Eric Baer, Highline Community College
Norlene Emerson, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Jan Hodder, University of Oregon
Heather Macdonald, College of William and Mary
John McDaris, Carleton College
The SAGE 2YC project is building a national network of self-sustaining local communities of two-year college (2YC) faculty, including adjunct instructors, from a broad range of geoscience fields including geology, oceanography, environmental science and physical geography. These faculty will use evidence-based strategies to improve students' academic success, broaden participation in the geosciences, and facilitate professional pathways of students into the STEM workforce. Twenty-two faculty change agents at 17 2YCs are part of 10 teams who, in partnership with campus administrators, will work to implement such strategies in their courses, departments, and institutions. They will also develop local communities of geoscience faculty by leading workshops and virtual professional development activities in their region. The faculty change agents and others are supported through a series of annual workshops; follow-on virtual professional development opportunities including journal clubs, webinars, and informal discussion groups; and resources on the SAGE 2YC website.
The SAGE 2YC website ( has resources on supporting student success, broadening participation, and facilitating pathways to careers. These pathways include routes into the geotechnician workforce, transfer to four-year and graduate programs, and advancement into professional geoscience careers. Webpages on promoting successful transfer include strategies for supporting students as they make the move from the 2YC to bachelors-granting four-year colleges/universities (4YCUs) and including pages that profile GeoPaths programs that support 2YC-4YCU student transfer.
The wider geoscience education community can be part of the SAGE 2YC project by participating in virtual professional development activities, joining one of the regional SAGE 2YC communities, attending future workshops at professional meetings, and using and contributing to the SAGE 2YC web resources. In addition, we will be recruiting a second cohort of faculty change agents in 2017.