Exploring the many ways that instructors use TMYN

Monday 11:30am-1:30pm UMC Aspen Rooms


Jennifer Wenner, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Eric Baer, Highline Community College
We explore the many ways that The Math You Need, When You Need It (TMYN) is used both formally and informally to support quantitative skills use and development in the geosciences. TMYN was originally designed as a student resource to be used in close connection to introductory geoscience courses. Evaluation of the modules has focused on collecting data associated with its use by faculty trained at several workshops to implement the resource in conjunction with their introductory geoscience course. Faculty who went through the workshops incorporate it in their classes in flexible ways - as an out of class resource, pre-lab homework, optional homework, or as a review for students who struggle with basic mathematics. However, we have discovered that both trained and untrained instructors are using TMYN in innovative ways that extend beyond their original design. Several faculty who attended the workshop subsequently trained others in their departments and adapted TMYN so that the modules could be used throughout the department. UW Colleges (Wisconsin's state system of community colleges) are using TMYN and its evaluation software system-wide to collect data on student quantitative preparation and skill acquisition. The most recent edition of the AGI/NAGT Physical Geology manual includes QR codes and links directly to appropriate pages in TMYN as a way to scaffold student support. TMYN resources are also accessed by 5,000-10,000 people per week, most of whom are searching for mathematical help on Google or other search engines. As the TMYN project draws to a close, we explore ways to continue and extend the effective use of the resource post-NSF funding.