Climate Change and Sustainability Science: Educative Curriculum Materials

Wednesday 2:45pm REC Center Medium Ice Overlook Room


Gina Williams, Univerity of Nebraska-Lincoln
Russanne Low, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Dave Gosselin, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Curriculum materials for Grades K–12 that are intended for use in preservice teacher education and in service teacher professional development educative curriculum materials. We address the following question: How can K–12 curriculum materials be designed to best promote teacher learning while simultaneously meeting the requirements for resources aimed at primary and secondary students?
Our presentation discusses our multiyear project where educators in the Masters of Applied Science Program, Science Educator Concentration, University of Nebraska Lincoln created a suite of climate change and sustainability resources for the K-12 classroom, including inquiry explorations, service learning projects and authentic local climate change research projects. We discuss the development process and alignment of the resources to NGSS standards, including cross cutting concepts, as well as teacher learning outcomes.