Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards: Strengthening Student Understanding of Science and Engineering Practices

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30am-11:30am REC Center Medium Ice Overlook Room


Aida Awad, Maine East High School
This workshop will focus on how faculty and institutions can support future K-12 teachers in implementing the Next Generation Science Standards. Participants will focus specifically on ways to integrate cross-cutting concepts across scientific disciplines and support explicit integration of science and engineering practices.


The Framework for Science Education and resulting Next Generation Science Standards effectively constitute a call for an extreme makeover for science education. Science education implemented in the spirit of NGSS brings together the cross-cutting concepts and science engineering practices identified in the Framework for Science Education and NGSS with disciplinary core ideas. How will future K-12 teachers and in-service teachers develop the skills to answer this call?

The approach we will take during this workshop will be to examine the opportunities the NGSS provide for engaging students through:

  • examining before and after learning activities
  • considering the process of making over existing lessons
  • exploring the use of the EQUIP rubric to identify alignment and gaps
  • aligning learning goals, assessments and activities with NGSS.

Target audience

The target audience for this workshop is any instructor who works with pre-service or in-service K-12 teachers. This includes not only instructors in teacher prep programs, but also 2YC and intro level course instructors who discover that many education majors take their courses to fulfill natural science requirements.

Workshop goals

As a result of participation in the workshop, participants will be able to provide support for pre-service and in-service K-12 teachers:

  • infusing existing curricula with the spirit of NGSS
  • integrating content, scientific design processes, and cross-cutting themes
  • building impact through the integration of systems thinking, creating and using scientific models, emphasis on quantitative thinking, and designing solutions to global challenges.

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