Participant Posters

Beth Ambos - Geosciences at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB): Synergistic Earth System Science/Community-Research Based Education Partnerships (Acrobat (PDF) 160kB Feb22 05)
Scott Bair - Arguments Against the Convergent Evolution of Undergraduate Curricula in Geology, Ecology, and Civil Engineering (Acrobat (PDF) 124kB Feb23 05)
Greg Baker - University at Buffalo Department of Geology (Acrobat (PDF) 766kB Feb22 05)
Tim Bralower - Undergraduate and Graduate Curricula for the 21st Century (Acrobat (PDF) 56.6MB Feb22 05)
David Chapman - Project WEST: Partnering to Enhance Inquiry Based Science Teaching in the Salt Lake City School District (Acrobat (PDF) 1.7MB Feb22 05)
Diane Clemens-Knott - On-campus Recruitment of Geology Majors: Developing Service-learning Alternatives to Physical Geology (Acrobat (PDF) 94kB Feb22 05)
Diane Doser - Creating Community on a Commuter Campus (Acrobat (PDF) 1.1MB Feb22 05)
  • Carl Drummond
Carolyn Eyles - Designing a Geoscience Curriculum to Meet the Needs of a Changing World (Acrobat (PDF) 7.3MB Feb22 05)
David Jon Furbish - So... Whats In A Name? (PowerPoint 1012kB Feb9 05)
Steve Good - Strategies for Geoscience Department Survival & Success in the Business-Model Management of Universities (Acrobat (PDF) 223kB Feb22 05)
  • Jack Hehn
Chris Keane - Metrics of Geoscience Disciplinary Health (Acrobat (PDF) 458kB Feb22 05)
Ed Laine - Building Strong Departments by Emphasizing Pedagogy: Service Learning (Acrobat (PDF) 172kB Feb23 05)
Lisa Lamb - Chopping carrots and washing dishes: it's not just about geology (Acrobat (PDF) 14.3MB Feb22 05)
Bob MacKay - Clark College Meteorology (Acrobat (PDF) 239kB Feb22 05)
Dave Matty - Rowing in the same direction: a faculty team builds a strong geoscience program (Acrobat (PDF) 282kB Feb22 05)
Dallas Rhodes - Safety In Numbers - A 1% Solution (Acrobat (PDF) 21.6MB Feb9 05)
Jill Singer - Buffalo State College and the Department of Earth Sciences (Acrobat (PDF) 1.4MB Feb22 05)
Cathy Summa - Geosciences at Winona State Geosciences at Winona State - Not your average B. Not your average B.S. (Acrobat (PDF) 910kB Feb22 05)
  • Barbara Tewskbury
Al Trujillo - Building Strong Geoscience Departments Using Strategies for Success in Field Instruction (Acrobat (PDF) 475kB Feb22 05)
Jim Tyburczy - School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University: Initial Conceptualization (Acrobat (PDF) 170kB Feb22 05)
Herb Wang - Badgers Make Better Geologists (Acrobat (PDF) 7.4MB Feb22 05)
John Williams - Teamwork and Resources - Essential Elements of an Effective Geoscience Department (Acrobat (PDF) 1.7MB Feb22 05)

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