Participants and Essays

Geoscience Departments: Developing Pathways to Strong Programs for the Future


Cathryn Manduca, SERC, Carleton College
Heather Macdonald, College of William and Mary
Randy Richardson, University of Arizona
Geoff Feiss, College of William and Mary


Download all the essays in a single PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 1.7MB Feb17 05).
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Beth Ambos - California State University, Long Beach (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 96kB Feb2 05))
Scott Bair - The Ohio State University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 91kB Feb1 05))
Greg Baker - University at Buffalo (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 76kB Feb8 05))
Tim Bralower - Penn State University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 56kB Feb2 05))
David Chapman - University of Utah (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 75kB Feb14 05))
Diane Clemens-Knott - California State University, Fullerton (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 106kB Jan31 05))
Diane Doser - University of Texas at El Paso (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 45kB Jan31 05))
Carl Drummond - Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 81kB Feb1 05))
Carolyn Eyles - McMaster University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 83kB Jan31 05))
David Jon Furbish - Vanderbilt University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 143kB Feb8 05))
Steve Good - West Chester University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 64kB Jan31 05))
Jack Hehn - American Institute of Physics
Chris Keane - American Geological Institute (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 50kB Jan31 05))
Ed Laine - Bowdoin College (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 90kB Feb4 05))
Lisa Lamb - University of St. Thomas (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 61kB Feb8 05))
Bob MacKay - Clark College (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 64kB Feb8 05))
Dave Matty - Central Michigan University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 65kB Feb8 05))
Dallas Rhodes - Georgia Southern University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 50kB Feb3 05))
Jill Singer - Buffalo State University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 67kB Feb8 05))
Cathy Summa - Winona State University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 45kB Feb8 05))
Barbara Tewskbury - Hamilton College (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 94kB Feb17 05))
Al Trujillo - Palomar College (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 149kB Jan31 05))
Jim Tyburczy - Arizona State University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 68kB Feb14 05))
Herb Wang - University of Wisconsin, Madison (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 62kB Feb8 05))
John Williams - San José State University (PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 74kB Jan31 05))