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These pages have resources from events at professional society meetings, in some cases including the posters and presentations from those sessions.

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What Are Undergraduates Learning in/from Our Programs?

GSA annual meeting, Minneapolis, MN
October, 2011

This session focused on assessment of student learning in geoscience programs.
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Student Recruitment, Curriculum Design, and More: Strategies and Resources for Building Strong Geoscience Departments

Fall 2009 AGU meeting, San Francisco, CA

Some geoscience departments are thriving while others struggle for survival. This session will showcase successful strategies, assessments for determining success, and supporting resources related to recruitment of undergraduate and/or graduate students, curriculum design, developing students for the professional geoscience workforce, program and student learning assessment, and program development beyond the curriculum.
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Undergraduate Geoscience Programs: Defining and Assessing the Curriculum

Fall 2008 AGU meeting, San Francisco, CA

Geoscience departments now offer a variety of BA and BS programs meeting a diversity of goals. This session will showcase the variety of curriculum models that have been developed and the assessments that are being used to measure their success.
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Perspectives on an Emerging Workforce Crisis in Geology: Assessing a Looming Irony

GSA annual meeting, Houston, TX
October 5, 2008

This session focused on the projected workforce shortage (relative to the number of jobs available) in geology.
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Building Geoscience Departments for the Future

Fall 2007 AGU meeting, San Francisco, CA
December 12, 2007

The geosciences are facing a new future: Global change and sustainability are becoming central in public discussions and policy debates. Our science is becoming increasingly sophisticated in the use of systems based predictive models at the same time that we are understanding the importance of biologic components of the Earth system and the critical information that is available in the planetary system. Our students are entering a global workforce that is shifting rapidly in its needs. This session showcased the ways in which geoscience departments are changing their programs, courses and other activities to meet this new future.
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Charting the Future of Geological and Environmental Science Undergraduate Programs

GSA annual meeting, Denver, CO
October 29, 2007

This session emphasized the proactive steps undergraduate geoscience programs are taking to define key variables, make pivotable decisions, and construct possible models for charting future successful paths for 2-year and 4-year degree programs.
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Building Strong Departments in the Southeast

2007 Southeast Section GSA Session
Savannah, Georgia
29-30 March 2007

The session focused on successful geoscience departments, the elements of their success, and suggestions for programs that are at risk. Attention was paid to the challenges and opportunities particular to geoscience programs in the Southeast.
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Geology Careers for New Geology Graduates

2007 Southeast Section GSA Session
Savannah, Georgia
29-30 March 2007

This session focused on career opportunities for new graduates and the skills needed for those careers.

2006 AGU Sessions

[link 'ED33C: Successful Partnerships in Geoscience Education: Past and Present']

[link 'ED33B: Facilitating Undergraduate Research in the Geosciences: Classroom Innovations That Encourage and Support Student Investigations']

[link 'ED31A: Building a More Informed Citizenry Through the Exploration of Public Policy Issues in Geoscience Education']

[link 'ED11C: Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom']

2006 GSA Sessions

Building New and Rebuilding Defunct College and University Geoscience Programs for the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities, Successes and Failures (Topical Session T49)

Successful Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Undergraduate Geoscience Majors (Topical Session T56)

2005 AGU Sessions

Recruitment and Retention of Students, Faculty, and Staff: Departmental Strategies That Work/Building Strong Geoscience Departments - Challenges, Opportunities, and Successes (oral session, poster session)

2004 GSA Sessions

Building Strong Geoscience Departments: Opportunities, Successes, and Challenges oral session (more info) poster session (more info)

2003 AGU Sessions

Building Strong Geoscience Departments: Examples That Work

oral session and poster session

2001 GSA Session

Geoscience Education I: Undergraduate Curricula, Environmental Education (more info)

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