Posters and Presentations from the 2005 AGU Sessions


Tim Bralower, Penn State University
Balancing Demographic, Diversity and Specialty in Faculty Recruiting: Two Decades of Experience from the Department of Geosciences at The Pennsylvania State University
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Carolyn Eyles, McMaster University
Keeping informed: using surveys graduating students and alumni as an aid to curriculum development
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Randy Richarson, University of Arizona
Characterizing Strong Geoscience Departments: Results of a National Survey
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Elizabeth Ambos, California State University - Long Beach
Geosciences Student Recruitment Strategies at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB): Earth System Science/Community-Research Based Education Partnerships
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Brad Clement, Florida International University
Strategies for Growth in a Young Earth Sciences Department
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David Jon Furbish, Vanderbilt University
Aiming at Excellence as Our Science Evolves Amidst the Bumpiness of Modern Academia
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John W. Geissman, University of New Mexico
Earth and Planetary Sciences at University of New Mexico - The Flagship University (in the Poorest State in the Country)
Download presentation (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 19.3MB Feb21 06)

Christopher Keane, American Geological Institute
National Perspectives on the Geosciences
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Cathy Manduca (Carleton College), Heather Macdonald, Geoff Feiss (College of William and Mary), and Randy Richardson (University of Arizona)
Building Strong Geoscience Departments: A Workshop Report
Download presentation (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 679kB Sep20 06)

Dallas Rhodes, Georgia Southern University
The 1% Solution: Establishing and Reaching Enrollment Goals in Geoscience Departments
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