Comparative Environmental Issues - Diverse Study Solutions

Collaborative exchange between Colorado College, Carleton College, member Associated Colleges of the Midwest, Federal Universidade de Juiz de Fora, and the Universidade de Brasília


There will be a one day ACM/Brazil Meeting at Colorado College on Saturday March 3, 2012.

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Through collaboration among faculty and students, we aim to broaden our comparative understanding of environmental systems in Brazil and the U.S.


Good pedagogy begins with an understanding of how people learn. This project establishes a faculty to faculty network with the goal of providing a rich resource of innovative, inquiry-based environmental field experiences and course materials.


Through student and faculty exchanges and pedagogical interactions, we provide opportunities to discuss the ideas two cultures bring to solving environmental issues, probing the two cultures' historical, economic, political, and cultural similarities and also their different approaches to creating sustainable solutions to environmental problems.


The collaboration is built through student to student, faculty to faculty, and faculty to student interactions, formalized by the FIPSE-CAPES funded ACM-Brazil student exchange program and the ACM Faculty Collaborative Event.


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