Elizabeth (Betsy) Brewer, Director, International Education
Jennifer Esperanza, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Natalie Gummer, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Sylvia López, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Scott Lyngaas, Assistant Professor of French
Donna Oliver, Professor of Russian
Sue Swanson, Associate Professor of Geology
Matt Tedesco, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of Curriculum Oversight and Administration Committee
Oswaldo Voysest, Associate Professor of Spanish

Ken Abrams, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Elizabeth Ciner, Director of Student Fellowships
Cameron Davidson, Professor of Geology
Michael Flynn, Professor of Linguistics
Devashree Gupta, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Cathy Manduca, Director, Science Education Resource Center
John McDaris, SERC/FaCE Webmaster
Arjendu Pattanayak, Associate Dean of the College
Noah Salomon, Assistant Professor of Religion

Marie Baehr, Dean of the Faculty
John Chandler, Director of Athletics
Rick Eichhorn, Associate Professor of Economics; Director of the First-Year Experience
Kayla Lyftogt, Director of Service-Learning
Terry McNabb, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Rachael Neal, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Lisa Wiebenga Stroschine, Academic Technologist
Christy Wolfe, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Susan Ashley, Dean of the Faculty
Joan Ericson, Professor of Japanese
Dan Johnson, Schlessman Professor of Economics
Paul J. Kuerbis, Director, Crown Faculty Center
Charlotte Mendoza, Professor of Education
Jeff Noblett, Professor of Geology and Associate Dean of the Faculty
Tess Powers, Director of Faculty Research Support
Mike Taber, Associate Professor of Education
Jill Teifenthaler, President
Shawn Womack, Associate Professor of Dance

Devan Baty, Associate Professor of French
Kerry Bostwick, Professor of Education
Jonathan Brand, President
Erin Davis, Associate Professor of Sociology
Carol Zerbe Enns, Professor of Psychology
Ben Greenstein, Professor of Geology
Gayle Luck, Associate Dean
Michelle Mouton, Associate Professor of English
Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour, Associate Professor of Spanish
Jen Rouse, Consulting Librarian
Paul Waelchli, College Librarian
Rebecca W. Wines, Assistant Professor of French

Tim Chasson, Professor of Art History
Leslie Gregg-Jolly, Professor and Chair of Biology
Mark Schneider, Associate Dean
Asani Seawell, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Jim Swartz, Dack Professor of Chemistry

Katie Adelsberger, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Daniel Beers, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Liz Carlin Metz, Professor of Theatre
Andy Civettini, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Danielle Steen Fatkin, Visiting Assistant Professor of History


Devorah Heitner, Assistant Pofessor of Media Studies
Gizella Meneses, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Siobhan Moroney, Associate Professor of Politics
Michael Orr, Provost & Dean of the Faculty
Rachel G. Ragland, Associate Professor and Chair of Education
Rand Smith, Associate Dean of Faculty; Professor of Politics

Jeff Clark, Associate Professor of Geology
Julie Haurykiewicz, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Megan Pickett, Associate Professor of Physics
Monica Rico, Associate Professor of History and Director of Engaged Learning

Anita Carrasco, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Kyle Fey, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Thomas C. Johnson, Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow of Communication Studies
Ruth Kath, Professor of German
Gereon Kopf, Professor of Religion
Char Kunkel, Associate Professor of Sociology
Patrick Montgomery, Assistant Professor
Ben Moore, Assistant Professor of Art
Deborah Norland, Professor of Education
Robert F. Shedinger, Associate Professor of Religion


Kendrick Brown, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Adrienne Christiansen, Director, Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching
Kathleen Murray, Provost & Dean of the Faculty
Laura Nichols, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music
Brian Rosenberg, President
Shilad Sen, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Frank Gersich, Associate Dean and Professor of Accounting
Diana Ruggiero, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Tom Sienkewicz, Coordinator of Off-Campus Study
Audra Sostarecz, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
David Timmerman, Dean of the Faculty

David Joyce, President
Diane Mockridge, Professor of History
Gerald Seaman, Vice President and Dean of Faculty
William Whitehead, Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Wendy Allen, Professor of French
Jo Beld, Director of Evaluation & Assessment
Heather Campbell, Associate Professor of Education
Dana Gross, Professor of Psychology
Tim Howe, Associate Professor of History and Ancient Studies
Matthew Richey, Associate Dean for Natuaral Science & Mathematics
David Schodt, Professor of Economics
Ryan Sheppard, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Susan Bourque, E.B. Wiley Professor of Government
Rachelle L. Brooks, Higher Education and Assessment Researcher

Betsy Hutula, Assistant to the President & Administrator for Projects and Personnel
John Ottenhoff, Vice President
Sally Noble, Program Officer
Cara Pickett, Project Manager
Christopher Welna, Christopher Welna

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