Conference Goals and Overview

Through seven cycles of funding from 2008-2011, Phase II of ACM's Mellon-funded FaCE Project has supported innovative cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary faculty collaborations. Most of the activities have been either Collaborative Events, such as workshops or conferences, or Collaborative Research projects, which bring together faculty, or faculty and students, across disciplines and across campuses.

At FaCE Value: Advances Through Collaboration, ACM faculty and administrators will come together to celebrate, assess, and disseminate the cumulative work funded in Phase II of the ACM-FaCE Project. We will look back on the accomplishments and methodologies of the nearly 50 collaborative projects sponsored since 2008 and look forward to the future of faculty collaborations across the ACM.


  • To add up and take stock of the overall significance and consequence of what has been accomplished through individual FaCE projects;
  • To discuss models for innovative pedagogies and programs, best practices, and ideas for collaborative work, with an eye on bringing this knowledge to the broader higher-education community;
  • To bring the various FaCE projects into dialogue with each other as a way of deepening our understanding of the implications of this work;
  • To develop further resources for the SERC repository of FaCE projects;
  • To help the ACM and its member colleges assess the cumulative impact of this project and consider pathways for future collaborations.


The conference is open to ACM faculty and administrators interested in learning more about cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration, best practices, and new pedagogical approaches, and in promoting faculty development across the consortium.

In addition to FaCE grant recipients, each campus may send up to three participants. If you would like to attend, contact your academic dean no later than August 15, 2011; deans will nominate participants from their colleges and submit them to the ACM. Colleges may submit additional attendees on a waitlist-basis; after all participants have been named, any open spaces will be made available to those on the waitlist.


The FaCE grant will cover travel to and from Colorado Springs, lodging for two nights (Friday and Saturday) at the Antlers Hilton Hotel, and meals (dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday).