Earth Science Image Archives

Compiled by Jen Millner at Montana State University.

This section features a variety of websites that provide extensive collections of images related to earth sciences and earth system processes.

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EDC Image Gallery Collections (more info) This USGS site from the EROS data center at USGS provides remotely-sensed images organized into collections including Earth as Art, satellite and data-derived (shaded relief)images of US states, and a Voyage of Discovery section of Landsat 7 images that provide a contemporary view significant points along the historic Lewis and Clark route.

U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Archive (more info) This USGS site provides access to over 24,100 photographs dating from 1868 to the present. Collections include national parks and monuments (many images are historic, black and white photos), earthquakes, the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens Volcano, pioneering photographers and mining operations.

Earth Science World ImageBank (more info) This AGI site contains more than 3,800 photos and satellite images organized into 41 different earth science topic areas.

Earth Science Picture of the Day (more info) This NASA-sponsored site features a different image or photograph each day with an accompanying explanatory caption. The site also provides an extensive archive of images searchable by 31 different subject areas or 51 specific topics. Rock Picture Gallery (more info) This site features photos of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock types. Also find links to other archives including minerals, fossils, landforms, glaciers and ice, geology and society, and geologic features and processes.

GeoDIL: An Earth Science Digital Image Library (more info) This large collection of photographs includes topics such as Earth resources, minerals, rocks and rock-forming processes, surficial geology, structural geology and tectonics, geologic time, paleontology and planetary geology.