Initial Publication Date: September 29, 2006

Visualization Collections Sites

The following sites maintain large collections of visualizations. The collections span the variety of forms of visualizations including animations, still images, movies, models, and simulations.
You can also see our topical collections of individual visualizations or browse through our teaching activities.

  • Arizona Geology (more info) , This web site of Steve Reynolds, geology professor at Arizona State University, contains numerous color photographs, 3D perspectives, and information about the Geology of Arizona, Landscapes of the Southwest, structural geology, science-education reform, and using Bryce5 to illustrate geology.
  • Real Event Movies This gallery contains some spectacular video clips of events like landslides, flash floods, tidal bores, debris flows, dust storms, calving of tidewater glaciers, jökulhlaups, levee breaching, and more. The collection is hosted by the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System group (CSDMS).
  • Atmospheric Visualization Collection. This collection is based on near real-time visualization of atmospheric data from the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program's Southern Great Plains (SGP) site. (more info)
  • GeoWall. GeoWall is a low-cost stereo projection tool that simulates the 3-D nature of various Earth structures and processes. The GeoWall Consortium site provides several earth science visualizations that can be projected with the GeoWall system using Windows, Linux, or Mac platforms. ( This site is likely no longer available. )
  • Paleomap Project. 3D movable paleoglobes: interactive 3D virtual globes that the user can manipulate, rotate, and view from any angle. (more info)
  • Sediment Transport Movies. A collection of video clips gleaned from numerous researchers. Documents modern depositional processes and deposits in the field and in the lab, as well as experimental stratigraphic modeling at NCED (i.e., 'Jurassic Tank'). ( This site is likely no longer available. )
  • The Magma Foundry. The brainchild of Jimm Myers and Jim McClurg (University of Wyoming) this site hosts a number of useful geoscience visualizations and a collection of power-point presentations describing the use of visualizations in the classroom. ( This site is likely no longer available. )
  • USGS Bedform Sedimentology. USGS sedimentologist David M. Rubin uses a numerical model with QuickTime and MPEG movies to illustrate the development of bedforms and cross-bedding under different dynamic conditions. (more info)