Earth Science Picture of the Day

Universities Space Research Association, Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA

The Earth Science Picture of the Day is an image archive that is hosted by the Universities Space Research Association in association with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center with a record of entries beginning September 2000. Each image is accompanied by a descriptive text and links to relevant supporting websites. Keyword searching is provided. Browsing by related fields includes: agriculture, astronomy, biology, chemistry, climatology, conservation, ecology, energy, engineering, genetics, geography, geology, history, hydrology, marine biology, mathematics, meteorology, modeling, oceanography, optics, paleontology, physics, plant science, policy and social sciences, public health, remote sensing, zoology. General topics include: carbon cycling clouds, currents, deep sea exploration, drought, earth, earthquakes, El Nino, La Nina, erosion and sedimentation, evolution of the earth, fires, floods, food chains, freshwater, glaciers, global change, human impact hurricanes impact phenomena, interior of the earth, legislation and regulation, life, lightning meteorites and comets, micro-organisms, modeling, moon, other planets, photosynthesis, plate tectonics, pollution, satellites, sky, snow and ice, space storm surges and tsunamis, storms, sun, technology, tornadoes, volcanoes, water, weather, and wetlands.

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