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USF Department of Geology: Ground Penetrating Radar

University of South Florida

Contact Information

Sarah Kruse





Instrument Type

Ground Penetrating Radar
PulseEKKO 100; 50, 100, and 200 MHz antennas

Typical Use:

Imaging stata within 10 meters of the surface

Conditions for Use:

Instruments may be used on a contract basis with the facility (i.e. lab personnel will do the work).
Instruments are available to rent to qualified users (fee for service).
Instruments are available to loan to qualified users.
We offer training sessions in the use of the instruments.
Funded projects are charged a daily fee.
Matlab data processing package written by the geophysics group at USF is available for use.

Educational Use:

Class demonstrations are available for undergraduate students.
Demonstrations are available for K-12 students.

Support provided by:

NSF grant from 1996

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