UTEP Texan Instrument Facility: Seismic Refraction

University of Texas at El Paso

Contact Information

Steven Harder

915 747-5746


El Paso


Instrument Type

Seismic Refraction
Refraction Technology RT-125A (commonly known as Texans)

Typical Use:

Short-period single-channel seismographs designed for recording seismic waves generated by controlled sources in either refraction or reflection surveys. UTEP has 440 of these instruments.

Conditions for Use:

Scheduling of these instruments is done by IRIS/PASSCAL. For more information visit the IRIS/PASSCAL web page. IRIS/PASSCAL also contracts UTEP to maintain and operate these instruments.

We provide software to convert data from their raw recording format into standard SEG-Y format, which can be read by seismic processing packages. The software is called TSP (Texan Streamline Processing) and is available for use in the field or the laboratory upon request.

Educational Use:

These instruments have been used for many graduate theses and student projects.

Support provided by:

The Texans were originally developed under a grant from the Texas Advanced Technology Program. Additional Texans were purchased under NSF grant EAR-9871161 as well as a grant from the DOD. The UTEP Texans have recently been upgraded under NSF grant EAR-0521644.