Special Topics in Teaching Petrology

tremolite with cummingtonite overgrowths in ultramafic rock Details

Minerals, Inclusions, and Volcanic Processes

A thematic collection of teaching resources and activities that was developed for the 2008 Mineralogical Society of America/Geochemical Society Reviews in Mineralogy short course held at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Optical Mineralogy and Petrography

The Cutting Edge website on Teaching Mineralogy includes this collection of teaching activities, PowerPoint presentations, animations, class notes, problem sets, and links to collections of photomicrographs. If you teach optical petrography in your petrology course, this page is for you.

Teaching Phase Equilibria

Our Integrating Research and Education website includes a set of pages on teaching phase equilibria. The purpose of these pages is to provide a comprehensive introduction to heterogeneous phase equilibria in the geosciences. To support teaching and learning, this site contains the essential background information needed to understand phase equilibria, links to related resources, examples of worked problems, and teaching activities.

Geochemical Instrumentation and Analysis

Our Integrating Research and Education website includes a set of pages on geochemical instrumentation and analysis. The purpose of these pages is to supply an on-line tutorial of the analytical techniques commonly used to characterize geological materials, to help novices (e.g. students, or scientists working out of their field) to become critical consumers and producers of data using the arsenal of mineralogical, petrological and geochemical analytical techniques available.
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