Timeline for Convening a Follow-on Workshop and Developing Its Website

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This page describes the process and timeline for planning a Cutting Edge follow-on workshop, and for making sure that the associated web pages are created in a timely manner.

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As Soon as the Workshop is Scheduled: Calculate Your Timeline

  • Mark your pre- and post-workshop deadlines in your calendar

More than 3 Months in Advance: Website Development

To create the workshop website:

  • Workshop conveners and PI mentor hold brainstorming meetings/conference calls, to
    • set the goals and objectives of the workshop
    • set the scope of the workshop program
    • decide what participants will create/submit for the resource collection
    • set the selection criteria for workshop participation
    • write the application questions
    • set the application deadline (usually 2 months prior to workshop)
    • set the registration fee; this should be sufficient to cover all of the workshop leader's (or leaders') expenses
  • Workshop conveners develop the workshop module, with the assistance of the web team mentor:
    • home page
    • overview page
    • application form, with a backend (Note: all forms will be created by your web team mentor, and you should expect that to take a few days)
Read more about creating the workshop website

3 Months Prior to Workshop: Initial Announcement of the Workshop

  • At this time, the workshop website should be live with a home page, an overview page and an application (at minimum) and the initial workshop advertising should take place.
  • Note: for workshops taking place at professional society meetings, the announcement of the workshop should go out whenever abstracts for the meeting are accepted, so that meeting attendees can make appropriate travel plans.
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2-3 Months Prior to the Workshop: Workshop Website Development

  • Create logistics page
  • Create and post a draft program
  • Create registration form (if applicable) and submission forms with web team mentor's help
  • Set registration deadline and create a participant checklist

2 Months Prior to Workshop (1 week after application deadline): Participant Selection

  • Select participants based on selection criteria
  • Ask web team mentor to create email list of selected participants
  • Notify participants (via email list) and those not accepted (individually)
  • Create participant list (web page on workshop website)

1 Month Prior to Workshop: Registration Deadline

  • Contact accepted applicants who haven't registered to find out what's going on
  • Shepherd participant submissions into web pages; provide technical support, proofreading and formatting as needed.
  • Post participant submissions (link to participant list) and consult with web team mentor about incorporation into larger collections.
  • Create other pre-workshop information (such as a reading list) or complete other pre-workshop activities (such as an on-line discussion)

2 Weeks Prior to Workshop: Finalize Program

  • Flesh out the workshop program including assignments of speaking roles to participants
  • Finalize program web page with titles, specific times and room numbers for all sessions
  • Develop other pages supporting specific sessions with web team mentor (e.g. upload forms for use prior to or at the workshop)
  • Finalize evaluation form with web team mentor


Immediately Following the Workshop

  • Update the workshop web pages:
    • Collect and post files (presentations, posters, readings and relevant links) to the workshop program page
    • Change workshop web pages to the past tense
    • Collect missing, incomplete, or promised contributions
  • Proofread the website
  • Write a workshop report and complete workshop reflection for evaluation
    • How many participants attended
    • What they learned
    • What you learned: what went particularly well, what you would do differently if you did it again
    • Any feedback you have about the mentoring process, both in terms of the workshop design and the website development process
  • Consult with web team mentor regarding incorporation of workshop results in the topical module
  • Initiate follow-up activities
Read more about how to manage the workshop website before, during and after the workshop

3 Months After the Workshop

  • Follow-up communication including check in on progress on individual action plans