Developing Cutting Edge Workshop Web Pages

These pages, developed by the Cutting Edge PIs, WebTeam, and Evaluators, are designed to support follow-on workshop leaders in the process of developing web pages to support Cutting Edge workshops.

Step-by-step instructions for everything you do in the CMS are included in the CMS documentation. This section is also accessible from the editing interface, so it's always just one click away.

Introduction to Web Authoring for Cutting Edge

You may have noticed that all the pages within the SERC system have a similar aesthetic and flow. This is intentional and helps create cohesion among the various components of the website. We encourage all web authors to follow this look and feel when creating their own pages. Learn about the SERC "look and feel" and Cutting Edge site structure.

Building the Workshop Website

Our workshop web pages have a standardized content and organization, so that users can easily find what they're looking for. Here's how to add your workshop pages to an existing module, and a description of each of the various pages.

Uses of the Website

The workshop website is not static; here are some ways to use it both during and after your workshop.

Style Guide

We strive for web authoring best practices on the SERC website, including on all Cutting Edge pages. Some of these practices are intuitive, but many are not. Learn about content, format, links, navigation, and imagery.

Copyright Pointers

Learn what you need to know about copyright for images, text, and participant contributions.