Resources for Workshop Leaders


Each participant in the Cutting Edge Leadership Program is paired with two mentors: a member of the Cutting Edge PI team (Heather Macdonald, Cathy Manduca, David Mogk, or Barb Tewksbury) and a member of the SERC Website Development team (Monica Bruckner, Karin Kirk, John McDaris, or Carol Ormand). Mentors provide individualized guidance and support for leadership program participants based on what we've learned from many years of running the Cutting Edge program.

Virtual Workshop

We offer a virtual workshop each year for Cutting Edge Follow-On Workshop leaders. This workshop focuses on developing the workshop website and on developing an evaluation plan for the workshop.

Web Pages

We also have an extensive set of web pages on

Leadership Characteristics

Following educational best practices, we also publish the list of leadership characteristics we use to evaluate the Cutting Edge leadership program. We will consider the leadership program to be successful if participants in the program demonstrate these characteristics.