Post Workshop Follow-up

Following the workshop two evaluation pieces are still needed:

Develop Workshop Evaluation Summary

  • Send any hardcopy evaluation instruments to the SERC office.
  • Cutting Edge evaluation team sends you end of workshop data (without names).
  • Complete an evaluation summary report that includes evidence from collected evaluation instruments as well as your own observations. This summary report is shared with your webteam mentor and the Cutting Edge evaluation team.

Follow up Email

Three to six months after the workshop, send a follow up email to each participant that focuses on action plan responses. The idea is to identify what impacts are sustained following the workshop. So, if a given participant indicated in their action plan that they thought they would revamp the teaching activities for a given course within 3 to 6 months after the workshop, the email would ask how these particular changes were going. Here's a post workshop sample email (Microsoft Word 27kB Jan15 09). Then summarize your findings from this followup back to your webteam mentor and the Cutting Edge evaluation team.