Visualizations Related to Hydrogeology

The following pages were developed as a part of the Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations workshop and website. Each page presents quality visualizations on a particular topic in the geosciences. You can browse through the whole collection of visualization pages on the Teaching with Visualizations website.

  • Groundwater - animations exploring permeability, groundwater speed, the hydrologic cycle and groundwater, cone of depression, and geyser eruption.
  • River Systems: Process and Form (in Sedimentary Geology) - visualizations and supporting material that can be used effectively to teach students about physical processes acting in rivers and their floodplains.
  • Watersheds and Hydrologic Cycle - animations showing the hydrologic cycle, how watersheds are delineated.
  • Wetlands - wetland images and visualizations that illustrate wetland loss or wetland function.