Contribute to the Resource Collections for Teaching Hydrogeology

Roaring Spring in Grand Canyon

We encourage educators to contribute resources to our growing collection. Your contributions will make these collections rich and diverse.

Course Description

Tell us how you teach your Hydrogeology course and upload your syllabus using the Teach the Earth contribute form. View the course descriptions that are already in the collection.


Contribute a classroom activity, laboratory exercise, as well as out-of-class activities and projects to use in your Hydrogeology course using the Teach the Earth contribute form. View the activities already in the collection.


Upload your own visualization that you use to teach concepts relating to hydrogeology. Please be sure you hold the copyright on these items or have obtained proper permission to upload items. If you wish to share a visualization that is not your own, please do as a reference.

Hydrogeology Analogies

Analogies are useful for helping students relate hydrogeologic experiences to their everyday experiences. View Hydrogeology Analogies Collection to see what has already been contributed.

References: maps, books, articles, websites, databases, tools

If you have a favorite website, book, tool, or article to recommend to your colleagues, let us know about it. These references may not necessarily have instructional activities associated with them, but they can support teaching of Hydrogeology in other ways.