Wetland Visualizations

Compiled by Suzanne Savanick Hansen during her time at SERC.

Find wetland images and visualizations that illustrate wetland loss or wetland function.

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National Estuary Program Habitat Loss (more info) This site includes interactive maps depicting coastal on wetland loss, land use, population and aquatic species at risk for specific coastal areas.

Performance Indicators Visualization and Outreach Tool, Tillamook Bay Watershed, Oregon ( This site may be offline. ) See the historic and current extent of wetlands in the Tillamook Bay Watershed. The site was set up to engage local community members in the progress and performance of the Tillamook Bay Watershed Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. The site includes additional information, images and maps about water quality.

Seven Mile Creek Watershed Wetland Loss and Restoration (more info) This site on the Minnesota River Basin includes outstanding animations on wetland loss and restoration in the Seven Mile Creek watershed. The animations include historical photos, maps, current photos and restoration maps and plans. The site also includes a wealth of information about water quality, history, and wildlife.

Vanishing Marshes of Mesopotamia (more info) Landsat satellite imagery reveals that in the last 10 years, wetlands that once covered as much as 20,000 square km (7,725 square miles) in parts of Iraq and Iran have been reduced to about 15 percent of their original size. This is part of the Visible Earth project of NASA and includes a quicktime movie that illustrates the wetland loss.

Wetlands of the Gulf Coast (more info) This set of images from the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer highlights coastal areas of four states along the Gulf of Mexico: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and part of the Florida panhandle. The images were acquired on October 15, 2001 and represent an area of 345 kilometers x 315 kilometers.

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