Initial Publication Date: March 19, 2009

Visualizations Related to Geomorphology

The following pages were developed as a part of the Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations workshop and website. Each page presents quality visualizations on a particular topic in the geosciences. You can browse through the whole collection of visualization pages on the Teaching with Visualizations website.

  • River Geomorphology Videos - videos of geomorphic process at work in rivers and river beds.
  • Chemical Weathering - animations and images dealing with chemical weathering.
  • Coastal Wave Mechanics (in Ocean Systems) - Animations and movies depicting how waves and water molecules behave along the shore and in deep water settings.
  • Cryosphere - visualizations dealing with the Cryosphere as a whole.
  • Deltas and Plumes - Images and animations that illustrate both modern and ancient delta systems. Photos and 3D animations depict the development of deltas on both the temporal and spatial scales.
  • Dunes: Process and Form - animations describing conditions necessary for producing form variations in sand dunes.
  • Examples of Deglaciation - animations of the deglaciation of North America and the removal of ice from the Bering Strait.
  • Glacial Landforms Resulting from Erosion and Deposition - animations presenting how depositional landforms like moraines and outwash plains form.
  • Glacier Physics - animations, images, and movies revealing how a glacier forms, moves, retreats, and in the case of tidewater glaciers, calves.
  • Longshore Drift and Depositional Landforms - Animations and images showing a variety of depositional landforms resulting from longshore drift and the impact of river and coastal engineering projects on sediment transport processes.
  • Mass Wasting/Landslides - animations showing different types of landslides like slumps, slides, and falls in a variety of environments.
  • Mountain Uplift and Erosion (in Structural Geology) - visualizations illustrating the physical processes interacting to create mountain uplift and erosion.
  • Physical Weathering - animations and images dealing with physical weathering.
  • Processes of River Erosion, Transport and Deposition - animations showing processes of river erosion, transport and deposition.
  • River Systems: Process and Form (in Sedimentary Geology) - visualizations and supporting material that can be used effectively to teach students about physical processes acting in rivers and their floodplains.
  • Rocky Coastlines and Erosional Landforms - Animations and images related to erosional landforms such as cliffs, arches, sea stacks and other morphological features.
  • Soil Erosion - animations of soil erosion, images of soils, and audio files about the Dust Bowl.
  • Soil Horizons - animations illustrating the development of soil horizons and their characteristics.
  • Soil Orders - animations showing distinct soil orders.
  • Soils Physical Properties - animations about the physical properties of soil.
  • Waterfall Formation/Nick Point Migration - animations showing how waterfalls are created, examples of spectacular waterfalls from around the world, and how falling water is used in hydroelectric power.