Glacial Landforms Resulting from Erosion and Deposition

Compiled by Mark Francek (more info) at Carleton College (more info) (SERC) and Central Michigan University (more info)

Find animations presenting how depositional landforms like moraines and outwash plains form. In addition there are animations of the formation of erosional landforms like U-shaped valleys, cirques, and hanging waterfalls. A movie of Greenland uses actual footage to show various erosional landforms. Photographs of glacial landforms are also provided.

The complete set of Visualization Collections is available.

Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (more info) Although there are not a lot of images here, the ones included are succinctly described and have accompanying topographic map examples, allowing students to see the correlation between photo and map. Images are divided into three sections: divided into "Erosional Landforms," "Depositional Landforms," and "Ice Features." Nine short exercises test student knowledge of both glacial landform images and the topographic expression of the landforms.

Glacier Landform Image Database, University of Cincinnati ( This site may be offline. ) Find around 200 images from the erosional, subglacial, superglacial, ice-margin, glacial lake, and proglacial environments. Short descriptions accompany each image.