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Waterfall Formation/Nick Point Migration

Compiled by Mark Francek ( This site may be offline. ) at Carleton College (SERC) and Central Michigan University

Find animations showing how waterfalls are created, examples of spectacular waterfalls from around the world, and how falling water is used in hydroelectric power.

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Waterfalls and Headward Erosion, Exploring Earth (more info) Although the effect of varying rock layers upon the undermining process is not illustrated, this Flash animation nicely emphasizes the process of headward erosion. Note that the headward erosion process as portrayed here is greatly accelerated. The animation can be paused and rewound to emphasize important points.

Hydroelectric Power, Michigan Tech University (more info) This Flash animation uses rollovers to define the key fixtures allowing for the generation of hydroelectric power. Terms like "penstock," turbine," and "transformer," are defined in relation to the power production process.

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