Cryosphere Visualizations

Compiled by John McDaris at SERC.

These visualizations deal with the Cryosphere as a whole.

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A Tour of the Cryosphere: Earth's Frozen Assets (more info) This visual tour from NASA encapsulates a vast amount of satellite data that has been collected over the last several decades of observing the polar regions and glaciers in the mid-latitudes. This perspective allows viewers to clearly how the cryosphere has reacted to warming temperatures. The visualization is available for download on the NASA website.

Sea Ice Index (more info) This site includes average ice conditions estimated using satellite passive microwave data as well as snapshots of trends and anomalies that compare these recent conditions with the mean for the month. It also includes an interactive animation tool.

Paleo Slide Set: Polar Ice Cores (more info) A slide set describing NOAA's research effort involving polar ice cores. Visualizations include photographs and graphically represented data gathered from various ice cores.