Initial Publication Date: June 14, 2012

Workshop Synthesis

This page is an attempt to synthesize key take-away messages from the 2012 workshop for Early Career Faculty in the Geosciences.

What We've Learned at this Workshop

  • Begin before you're ready
  • I am in control
  • Everyone is going through the same experiences and has similar fears
  • There are tools you can use to make your life easier
  • One of the "tools" we have is our colleagues
  • Be mindful and present, in work and life
  • I can't do everything
  • Think about your goals
  • Be proud of your accomplishments
  • You can do a lot in 15 minutes
  • The only scientists who don't get proposals rejected are those who don't submit them
  • A little planning will go a long way
  • You can mentor and be mentored
  • We all start out floundering (image of Jimmy D making a lot of unnecessary motion)
  • Talk about your ideas early and often; get feedback
  • Schedule your time intentionally with time management tools
  • Step back; look at the big picture
  • Rejection is not failure
  • Use some active teaching/learning techniques
  • Set expectations for your students, early
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Seminars can be lively
  • We're privileged to have this job (but you don't have to keep it if you don't want to)
  • Sustainability is key in work/life balance

How We Can Support Each Other Going Forward

  • Skype meetings once a month - sharing challenges and feedback
  • Online writing club to motivate each other
  • Facebook group or other means of staying in contact
  • Collaborate on research
  • Share resources (you can send them to the email list, it won't go away)
  • Invite each other to give seminars
  • Make a map of where we're all from
  • Collaborate on teaching - share your activities on the SERC website
  • Share our successes!
  • Remember that we will continue to have commonalities moving forward
  • Keep an open dialog with each other
  • Share our failures
  • Share opportunities that others may be interested in
  • Send each other students
  • Pre-review each other's proposals
  • Be honest with each other - have integrity in our conversations
  • Pay it forward
  • Recommend the workshop
  • Join NAGT
  • Be kind - to each other and to colleagues and to ourselves