Expectations for Research Students

This page highlights the main points from a discussion at the 2010 workshop for Early Career Faculty on working effectively with research students.

Some topics for expectations

  • Time (yours and theirs)
  • Authorship
  • Equipment and safety
  • Level of professionalism: dress code and more

General consensus about expectations

  • Faculty need to think through and articulate expectations
  • Need to make expectations clear to students
    • One way to do that is to make an agreement that every incoming research student signs
    • Expectations can be communicated orally or in writing
    • Expectations may need to be revisited at some time
  • High variability of specific expectations
  • Many students don't understand that a product is required in exchange for salary
  • Undergraduates may not realize how much time they are expected to commit and how much time research requires

Specific ideas participants may try

  • Weekly meetings with students
  • Put a price tag on every piece of equipment
  • Before advisor signs off on dissertation, students need to let him/her know where data are stored