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Teaching Complex Systems with STELLA

Robert MacKay's Global Energy Balance assignment STELLA model.

STELLA is a software package that allows users to build models of complex systems. It is an object-oriented programming environment. Models are created by connecting icons into a model framework so that the structure of the model is very transparent. The software automatically creates the underlying equations based on user input. The STELLA product website (more info) includes sample models, tutorials, and case studies of how STELLA has been used in education and research.

STELLA Tutorials

Using STELLA: the What, Why and How of Using STELLA in the classroom, is a set of web pages about using STELLA to teach geoscience. The "how" page includes a link to Dave Bice's Exploring the Dynamics of Earth Systems (more info) website, a remarkably thorough guide to constructing and experimenting with computer models of Earth systems using STELLA.

Teaching Activities and Courses Featuring STELLA

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