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Teaching Climate Systems with EdGCM

EdGCM map pair from Envisioning Climate Change Using a Global Climate Model Earth Exploration Toolbook activity. Image courtesy of Betsy Youngman. Click image to enlarge.

EdGCM (Educational Global Climate Modeling) provides a research-grade Global Climate Model (GCM) with a user-friendly interface that can be run on a desktop computer. This allows students to explore the subject of climate change in the same way that actual research scientists do. In the process of using EdGCM, students will become knowledgeable about a topic that will surely affect their lives, and we will better prepare the next generation of scientists who will grapple with a myriad of complex climate issues. The EdGCM (more info) home page includes links to the software (including a free demo version), video tutorials, a user manual, and electronic support forums.

Teaching Activities

Courses That Incorporate Modeling with EdGCM

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