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Workshop Participants

Jay Austin, University of Minnesota Duluth – Presenter
Julie Brigham-Grette, University of Massachusetts Amherst – Presenter
Steve Colman, University of Minnesota Duluth – Convener
Diane Desotelle, MN Sea Grant - cruise
Shana Ederer, University of Wisconsin-Madison - cruise
Tim Fisher, University of Toledo – Presenter
Karin Kirk, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College - cruise – Convener
Daria Kluver, Central Michigan University - cruise
Anthony Layzell, University of Kansas Main Campus - cruise
William A. Lovis, Michigan State University - cruise – Presenter
Rolfe Mandel, University of Kansas – Convener
Rhett Mohler, Kansas State University - cruise
Amy Myrbo, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - Presenter
J. Elmo Rawling III, University of Wisconsin - Platteville - cruise – Presenter
Will Sharkey, UW Sheboygan - cruise
Alison Smith, Kent State University - lab tour only – Convener
Kathryn Szramek, Drake University - cruise
Ester Sztein, Board on International Scientific Organizations, National Academy of Sciences - cruise – Convener
Kevin Theissen, University of St. Thomas - cruise
Katryn Wiese, Department of Earth Sciences, City College of San Francisco - cruise – Convener
Greg Wiles, The College of Wooster – Convener