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Assessment By Written Reports

Written reports are a classic assessment used by faculty. Written reports may be as short as a one-minute paper and as long as a term paper.

Types of Written Report Assessments

  • Written Report Scoring Rubrics
  • Minute Papers
  • Weekly Reports
    • For an overview an step-by-step instructions, see Classroom Assessment Techniques: Weekly Reports (more info)
    • Etkina, 2000, Weekly Reports: A Two-Way Feedback Tool. Science Education, This article describes how to use weekly reports written by students as a two-way feedback tool in teaching science. The weekly reports help students to reflect on their knowledge, learn how to ask questions, and predict what questions their teacher is likely to ask. The reports help teachers to identify the difficulties their students experience while learning new material, to adjust their teaching to the students' needs, and to match the levels of difficulty of learning and testing. The authors of this study conclude that there is a common mismatch between learning and assessment and offers a solution through weekly journals.

Geoscience Examples

Additional Resources

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