Initial Publication Date: August 17, 2006

Assessment in Large Classes

Large classes pose a challenge for instructors who need to assess a large number of students in an efficient way.

Assessment Strategies

The following assessment strategies may be particularly useful with a large class:
Professor lecturing to class
  • A ConcepTest is a technique used often in a lecture setting. The instructor presents one or more questions during class along with several possible answers. Students in the class indicate which answer they think is correct.
  • Information about multiple-choice exams from the exams page may be particularly useful for large classes.
  • Scoring Rubrics can be an effective way to assess large numbers of essays or other written projects.
  • Minute Paper (more info) maybe useful for large classes to see if the material presented was comprehended. The students (individually or in groups) write a concise note (taking one minute), that focuses on a short question presented by the instructor to the class.
  • Using technology can assist with assessments of large classes. This page contains examples of how geoscience instructors have used technology in large classes.

Geoscience Examples