Assessing Geoscience Concepts, Skills, and Attitudes

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Geoscience Concepts

Geoscience Concepts Overview

Climate Change


Mountain Building

Plate Tectonics





Geoscience Skills

Complex Dynamic Systems

  • Raia, F. Students Understanding of Complex Dynamic Systems (Acrobat (PDF) 381kB Apr18 06) This presentation describes research on how students address complex systems with a linear, mono-causal approach that is insufficient to understand complex dynamic systems.
  • Assessing links between climate, active deformation, & geomorphology (A two-part pre-curriculum assessment is utilized to evaluate intuitive and learned knowledge of concepts relating to tectonic geomorphology, climate studies, and the formation of active geologic structures.) Aaron Yoshinobu, Activity from the Student Learning Observing and Assessing Workshop.

Data Literacy

  • Designs for Assessing Foundational Data Literacy (Acrobat (PDF) 189kB May24 05) - Daniel Zalles, Center for Technology in Learning, SRI International,wrote this essay describing assessments developed and piloted at SRI International that measure data literacy for the Observing and Assessing Workshop.

Maps and Field Work

Spatial Reasoning

Geoscience Attitudes

Other Geoscience Assessments:

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